We bring together the disciplines of marketing and IT to create a branded customer experience throughout the customer life cycle and beyond – no matter if it starts on a Website, at a flagship store, or as a phone call to a customer interaction center.

CRM Factory plans and builds IT systems enabling clients to communicate at all customer touch points with their target groups. This includes customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and business intelligence (BI) projects of all kinds. CRM Factory has created and brought to market integrated solutions for call centers, opinion mining, and dealer management.

Adapt or Perish: Data Science Trends for Automotive Industry


Gareth Kennedy on September 19th, 2017 MCON attended the Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit in Shanghai on September 6th & 7th, 2017 and found that there are two broad trends that will determine the future of the automotive industry, both in China and globally. As Esteban Remecz (Chief Information Officer, Asia Pacific, ZF) remarked companies must now adapt or perish. Automotive Market Trends For the past decades we have been in a golden era of selling vehicles in China requiring minimal effort of the part of dealerships. Even the global financial crisis did not completely dampen the mood in China, while [...]

Web Developer for our Beijing office


CRM Factory is looking for a web developer to join our fast track dynamic team in Beijing. You will be responsible to provide high quality front end package to the project you joined and will report directly to the team leader. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone with more experience in front end web development with latest technologies and cool ideas to be part of a rich and diverse company culture with an attractive salary and benefits, plus the opportunity to develop your skills. Key Responsibilities: Development of responsive HTML5/JS/CSS3 application and hybrid mobile apps with frontend technology. Responsibility [...]

JavaScript going further native: NativeScript


Our front-end team at MCON attended the 2017 JavaScript Conference (abbr. JSConf), a two-day developer driven summit where both local and international JS community share the latest tools and techniques for JavaScript development.  It was a great chance to learn from and participate in the vibrant community of JS developers in China. The problem of developing for Android and iOS Development of mobile apps is mostly split in two platforms, with development for iOS and Android. They are mutually exclusive. This has meant that, historically, companies must choose one platform over the other, or spend many resources maintaining both technologies, [...]

Progressive Web Apps will lead the next generation of web app


Two weeks ago, our developer team attended the largest JavaScript Conference in Shanghai, where we found the most recent techniques and web developed tools from different JavaScript communities. The most appealing talk “Upgrading to Progressive Web Apps” is given by Hux Huang, which introduced the PWAs and details of how the PWAs work. What is Progressive Web App? I am sure you have this kind of experiences. You open an App that you haven't used for a while. However, the App tells you that your App is out of version, and you need to update otherwise it won’t function properly. [...]

CSL enforcing stricter domain usage rules


For many foreign companies that are running local websites in China it is common practice to use GeoDNS for international and Chinese websites. This means that visitors to e.g. www.<company>.de and www.<company>.cn are sent to the nearest webserver in China or in Europe, depending on the users location. The server located in China is running with an ICP for the Chinese domain but answering requests to the foreign domain as well. Right now China is enforcing that only domains with a valid ICP may be used to visit servers in China. However adding the foreign domain to the ICP is [...]

Volkswagen FS online is live!


We are pleased to announce that after over 5 months of relentlessly hard work, FS China Online went live last Thursday 25th of May, even before schedule! FSO is part of Volkswagen Financial Services' digitalization strategy and offers an online one stop solution for car financing needs. This single-page application developed by CRM Factory provides key functionalities for the users such as Vehicle Selection based on model & Vehicle Recommendations based on Budget, calculate an appropriate financing package, creating  and saving quotations, finding official Dealerships and more. Apart from a very efficient and good looking app, FS China Online, also includes a [...]

How was the 2nd AWS User Group meetup?


Last may 15th we had the pleasure to organize again the AWS User Group meeting at beijing, an event that we think of great importance to let people network with other AWS lovers, share experiences and learn and grow together from them. It was this time even more special because I had the opportunity to present some of the work I have been doing on AWS lately, with a presentation called "Continuous Delivery on AWS using Docker Swarm". Continuous Delivery have been a topic of great importance for our customers and our internal software projects in the last years, we [...]

Porsche Club China launching at Shanghai Autoshow 2017


Porsche China, together with CRM Factory launched the Porsche Club China during the Shanghai Autoshow 2017. 12 During 2 exclusive evenings the Porsche Club China was released to the public. With the underlying Porsche Club platform that was developed by CRM Factory, members are able to benefit from a closed community, access to exclusive Porsche Events and enjoying special Porsche Club Member offers. As an special highlight during the event, members who signed up during the two events received a special aluminum member card, made from the same material as the first Porsche, the famous Porsche 356. This was possible thanks [...]

AWS Certification Challenge


An AWS certification challenge? That sounds exciting!   And it is! MCON GROUP, started this innitiative last december, with the idea of challenge colleagues who are already onboarded to AWS with MCON. We have been doing a lot of AWS related projects in Germany and China and we collected close to 80 accreditation and training so far, but of course we want more, hence the challenge which not only gives our colleagues the "Glory and Fame" but also a nice and  juicy reward! So, how is it going so far? We had several colleagues who successfully delivered certification already, but today [...]

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