We bring together the disciplines of marketing and IT to create a branded customer experience throughout the customer life cycle and beyond – no matter if it starts on a Website, at a flagship store, or as a phone call to a customer interaction center.

CRM Factory plans and builds IT systems enabling clients to communicate at all customer touch points with their target groups. This includes customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and business intelligence (BI) projects of all kinds. CRM Factory has created and brought to market integrated solutions for call centers, opinion mining, and dealer management.

This week’s Team Talk:


One of our big projects is now live and running open for the users! All thanks to a Team effort that made me realize once again, why I love so much working together at MCON GROUP, where not the why and each individual is important but to stand up for the greater goal of the project and combine the efforts in order to get it done! You never walk alone, is our commitment!

This week’s team talk


Here goes a great feedback for our colleague Cynthia Chen from WATCH team: "Cynthia is a pretty experienced Testing Manager I have ever worked together with, and I`m very impressed by her expertise/high performance/working behaviors/problem handling skills. Both of Biz and IT appreciate her great contribution in Testing phase which in the end ensured high delivery quality and achieved a successful go-live. In total it is a very pleasant experience to work with her in my project" Well done Cynthia, that's exactly what we mean with DELIVER A WOW!

This week’s team talk


“We believe that R is more suitable to work on data analysis than Python since the libraries available in R to perform data and statistical analysis are way more advance than in Python where you need to sometimes invent the wheel again”

This week’s Team Talk:


"Everything that happens is a small part of our journey. We can choose to be passive or we can be proactive and overcome our fears, set our own goals and do the best to reach them. For better or for worse, we always have a choice." - Giorgio Pautrie

This week’s Team Talk:


"Team, let’s build Timebooker Mobile on AWS Mobile Hub. It is the fastest way to build mobile apps powered by AWS, as it lets you easily add and configure features for our apps, including user authentication for all our various customers using Timebooker. But also data storage, back-end logic, push notifications, content delivery, and analytics is part of it. After we build our app, AWS Mobile Hub gives us easy access to test it on real devices, as well as analytics dashboards to track usage of our app – all from a single, integrated console." One of the newest (and nicer) improvements in Timebooker powered by AWS [...]

This week’s Team Talk:


"The Sales Funnel need to have the Potential Volume, Leads, Test Drives and Sales, plus the Costs for each level and the Conversion of each level. Also an Overall Sales Funnel and for each Campaign/Event. We need to show how many Leads we as CRM brought to the dealers and contributed to Sales.”  

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