How was the 2nd AWS User Group meetup?


Last may 15th we had the pleasure to organize again the AWS User Group meeting at beijing, an event that we think of great importance to let people network with other AWS lovers, share experiences and learn and grow together from them. It was this time even more special because I had the opportunity to present some of the work I have been doing on AWS lately, with a presentation called "Continuous Delivery on AWS using Docker Swarm". Continuous Delivery have been a topic of great importance for our customers and our internal software projects in the last years, we [...]

2nd AWS Beijing User Group meeting


We are pleased to announce that MCON will be hosting once again the 2nd AWS Beijing User Group meeting! Mark your calendars for this coming 15th of May at 18:30 and be sure to join the Meetup Group and RSVP for the meeting! The Meetup will take place in our office located in the 24 Floor of the The Place Tower in Guanghua Lu  No.9. Same location of the first Meetup (check map here) We will have a very interesting keynote about Continuous Delivery on AWS using Docker by Carles Costa, Associate Director at MCON GROUP, then we'll talk about other AWS related topics, socialize and have some nice [...]

AWS Certification Challenge


An AWS certification challenge? That sounds exciting!   And it is! MCON GROUP, started this innitiative last december, with the idea of challenge colleagues who are already onboarded to AWS with MCON. We have been doing a lot of AWS related projects in Germany and China and we collected close to 80 accreditation and training so far, but of course we want more, hence the challenge which not only gives our colleagues the "Glory and Fame" but also a nice and  juicy reward! So, how is it going so far? We had several colleagues who successfully delivered certification already, but today [...]

AWSome day… is there such a day?


The answer is YES! Last 18th. of November, the AWSome day took place in the Tsinghua University. It was one day training event delivered by Amazon Web Service (AWS) Technical Instructors. The day started with a session highlighting how customers are using AWS to develop, deploy and operate secure applications and IT services that improve agility and reduce costs. The training also  covered AWS foundational services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, VPC and Amazon RDS before closing the day with an introduction to AWS deployment tools and techniques. Our colleagues Jack Sun and Serena song had the opportunity to participate in this [...]

This week’s Team Talk:


"Team, let’s build Timebooker Mobile on AWS Mobile Hub. It is the fastest way to build mobile apps powered by AWS, as it lets you easily add and configure features for our apps, including user authentication for all our various customers using Timebooker. But also data storage, back-end logic, push notifications, content delivery, and analytics is part of it. After we build our app, AWS Mobile Hub gives us easy access to test it on real devices, as well as analytics dashboards to track usage of our app – all from a single, integrated console." One of the newest (and nicer) improvements in Timebooker powered by AWS [...]

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